Culture - People Charter

People Charter

Our future is built on the infinite possibilities that evoke the essence of innovation, igniting our personal brand that shapes customer experiences. Connecting through the unspoken word of integrity and transparency we bring our culture to life.

The NTPL Code – Our DNA

We believe that our people are our most valuable assets we:

  • Encourage them to rise beyond their boundaries
  • Motivate them through recognition programs and social network programs
  • Empower them through transparent discussions and engaging leadership
  • Offer opportunities to succeed in their role through fairness and respect.

We leverage the collective strength of our organization and our people to achieve growth, which is built around our commitment to our customers.

Our commitment to The NTPL Code underlines the values that inspire our employees, drive us to excel, and shape our decisions while delivering optimal solutions in a stable equilibrium cutting across platforms and geographies.


We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards. We hold ourselves to high moral principles through honesty, commitment, and trust. We build relationships through fairness, respect, and by standing for what is right in a fair and equitable manner.

Customer Focus

We endeavor to exceed the expectations of our clients consistently. We aim to add value to our customers by being responsive with a solid commitment to delivery. We take ownership, mean what we say, and act as one global team committed to achieving shared goals.


We encourage NTPLians to be Intrapreneurial. We promote an Intrapreneurial culture by applying innovation and creativity to everything we do. We help transform ideas into profitable ventures in order to advance and grow.


We strive to build a transparent organization. We empower our employees through open communication, cooperation, and trust. We drive professional excellence through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning.